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Enterprise VI logo

¡ñThe overall outline is in the shape of pyramid triangle.The pyramid symbolizes wisdom, and the triangle symbolizes stability. It represents the enterprise has a stable foundation, and also implies aggressiveness, strength and unique.The bull horn in the middle symbolizes the soaring morale of the company's business and the bull market.

¡ñThe red in the upper part represents Chifeng City (There is a red ochre peak in the northeast corner of the city, hence the city is named after"Chifeng"), and it also has the meaning of mine; the yellow in the middle part represents gold; the brown in the lower part represents the solid foundation of the earth.

¡ñBelow the triangle is the company's abbreviation "³à·å»Æ½ğ" (font: FZCuYuan-M03S), under which is the English abbreviation "CHIFENG GOLD" (font: Arial).

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